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Help for Curing Phobias!

Sometimes stress does not register until it gets to a certain threshold. It comes out of a system in the body called the Flight-Fight response.

The fight flight response in our nervous system reacts out of a state of stress. The amount of mental, personal, emotional and spiritual energy that you have to invest with a stress or stressful situation, can be extreme and after a while you can have used all that mental, personal, spiritual energy up and you are 'out' of coping energy.

With the stress response, something feels threatening and overloads the system. This state of insecurity signals to the cortex of the mind and the cortex send signals triggering the Flight (fear) and the Fight (anger, aggression) response.

These expressions of stress have been built into us so intimately that we can respond with a flight or fight response to protect ourselves, in order to protect us from danger. It is a survival response that is useful when we are in true physical threat. All mammals share this instinct, flight/fight response. However with the human our cortex can signal the flight/fight response when there is NO physical danger. It signals the response when there is a psychological threat to danger ie: threat to relationship, threat to finances, threat to job, and threat to self esteem. It could be a fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of a possibility, fear of our own emotions.

The body interprets these psychological threats as real and triggers the flight/fight response: the blood is withdrawn from the brain and stomach and is sent to the larger muscle groups, the heart beat increases, mouth feels dry, there may be a feeling of dizziness, the adrenal glands secrete and the bio-chemistry of the body changes and we are in 'survival' mode.

Subconsciously, you feel you have to fight it or run from it. Your nervous system's natural response pattern in stress will be to 'go at' or 'go away'. Recall when you were a child, what was your response then?

Many people have fears and phobias

The threat can feel very real - and can range from the slightly uncomfortable, to those which inhibit, embarrass or paralyse. It does not matter where on the spectrum your phobia lies, the way it affects YOU is what is important. The good news is, within just a few sessions your Phobia will be a thing of the past.

How do Phobias develop?

If you experience phobia, then, at some time in your life your mind has processed an experience of fright, fear or trauma in a way that is intended to protect you from a repeat of that occurrence. A thought process occured which becomes unhelpful and can work against the subconscious minds job - which is to protect you. The mind takes this often 'one-off' experience and generalises it, applying it to all sorts of other circumstances.

Example: someone gets stuck in a lift/elevator, and afterwards develops a fear of lifts/elevators. That one time event has affected the thought processes about being in a lift and a fear develops of that occurrence happing again. When this happens repeatedly it becomes a Phobia. It may seem absurd to those looking on, however the fear can be paralysing.

NLP and Hypnotherapy and Neuro Semantics Techniques

These methods for change are extremely effective for curing phobias and fears because they work with your brain's ability to learn rapidly, even from a single experience. Your fear or phobia was learned at some point in your life and what can be learnt can be unlearnt.

The techniques of NLP and Neuro Semantics work positively to help you shift Phobic Thinking. You gain a more mature, relaxed perspective. Hypnosis encourages your inner resources to come to the fore. You regain and build your self trust and confidence. You feel in control again.

How long will change take?

Phobia release can be achieved in 2 - 4 sessions, depending of the severity of the problem.