Ross Ludlam and Marie Powell

Ross Ludlam and Marie Powell


Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neuro Semantics are effective methods and techniques for facilitating positive change.

That said, it is important to know who you deal with and who you can trust to call upon for the relief of issues which may concern or trouble you. For this reason, we offer this page as testament to a host of skills, techniques and real-world experience we know will help you achieve changes in your life in the safest environment and the quickest possible time.

We are trained professionals and we want to help you do just that...

Ross and Marie



Neuro Semantics

About Ross

Ross is a Remedial Hypnotherapist specialising in hypnosis to help people overcome psychological pain, anxiety and obsessive disorders. He is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and Neuro Semantist with many years of experience in private practice. He also provides regressive exploration to find a resolution of your past issues. He will help you:

  • Establish a strong sense of Self Esteem, Motivation and Confidence
  • Recall and heal your Past
  • Clear your Past from vows, oaths, ties and limiting emotionalised beliefs and decisions that may be holding you back, keeping you stuck from enjoying abundance, happiness and love in the present
  • Activate Healing for your body or relationships and re-connect with your Higher Self

Ross's journey began with an enquiry into NLP. He saw first-hand rapid effective change in a person with anger management issues who had been years in therapy and counselling trying to get help. At this demonstration and follow-up, this person accessed psychological resources within themselves. It was a proactive process which he admired. After a six month follow-up, this person had continued the self-motivated changes for a much happier and fulfilling life. This promped Ross to do the Certifcation in NLP.

The following year, he furthered his studies and completed Master Practitioner NLP training along with additional Hypnosis training through the Tad James Academy (accredited with The American Board of Hypnosis and NLP). To deepen his understanding of Hypnosis and expand his skills, he also undertook Hyponsis training with The Australian Academy of Hypnosis. Neuro Semantics caught his attention and he studied Michael Hall's work at the International Society of Neuro-Semantics - studying in Sydney and then in Colorado USA with Michael as the trainer and facilitator. This work inspired him and influenced his therapy as he saw rapid effective results with clients in a short amount of time. He especially likes working with people who focus on what they don't want and spiral around the same issues over and over. This form of deductive thinking allows their imagination to become very negative. This style of thinking can be changed easly and quickly with Neuro Semantic techniques.

Ross enjoys giving generously of his time, talking to groups such as Rotary, and volunteering in the community with complimentary sessions for Men's 'Self Esteeming' workshops, and 'Better Communicaiton' workshops for couples. At the basis of all these sessions is work for good self belief, self esteem and self confidence.

He works with colleagues to develop new methods to help people with psychological change, especially when it has been difficult for a person to admit to or acknowledge that they have a problem (for instance that they know they want change, and feel incapable and stuck - or people who find it difficult to express themselves and what the problem may be). And he is especially intune with the challenges men and women face and the value of good communication...

"I don't work with people that don't take responsibility for their lives. I work successfully with people that are really committed to the change process. I enjoy working with people who have not experienced lasting change with other therapies. My satisfaction comes with the dramatic shifts and insights people gain after just a few sessions. They gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their thinking processes, feel in control again and are independent to live their lives in a much more productive way. I have an earthy, professional style and I have the confidence to help people with almost any issue."


About Marie

Marie is a qualified Hypnotist with Advanced Diplomas of Hypnosis through the Australian Academy of Hypnosis and the American Board of Hypnosis (Tad James Academy). She is also a member of the Professional Hypnotists Assoc of W.A.

After successfully practicing Hypnosis for many years, Marie became interested in Neuro Linguistic Programming after seeing the benefits of rapid change with long-held phobias and unhelpful habit patterns. She added this modality to her 'tool kit' as she undertook NLP training and furthered these studies with a Master Practitioner Certification.

In recent years, Marie has become interested in Neuro Semantics (Michael Hall's work) and has travelled to Sydney and Colorado USA (2011) for more extensive training.

"This work sees positive shifts in 'stuck' thinking and negative thinking which holds people back from happier living. Neuro Semantics, combined with Hypnosis and NLP delivers real, effective and rapid change. I find this work very exciting and rewarding."

Indeed, Marie has a passion for her Hypnosis work and regularly attends seminars and workshops in Australia and overseas. She contributes to Hypnosis websites and makes herself available to help other practitioners in a professional way. When she's asked to speak on a volunteer basis, she does so with enthusiasm; delivering presentations to community groups and participating in programs for women and mens' Self Esteem workshops.

Training with Delores Cannon (USA) gave a new aspect to her work, for those people interested in exploring Past Life Regression. Psych-K training has added a spiritual aspect and incorporates Kinesiology based processes - a method she enjoys teaching because it allows a person to continue working on their goals with a practice that is similar to self hypnosis.

Her style is direct and very positive, with unconditional regard for her client, working to achieve effective results in the shortest possible time. Sessions are insightful and uplifting - with the intention and direction for a happier, independent, fulfilling life.

"The modalities I offer through my work are very powerful tools that effect change for many issues. Permanent change, for total life improvement. It is a very rewarding mutual experience..."

Ross Ludlam
Remedial Hypnotherapist
NLP Master Practitioner
Neuro Semantics
Time Line Therapist
Current Life Regression
Life Coach

Marie Powell
Clinical Hypnotherapist
NLP Master Practitioner
Neuro Semantics
Past Life Regression Therapist
Life Coach
Psych-K Practitioner