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Quit Smoking, Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Increase Confidence and Self Esteem, Lift Depression, Lose Weight, Stop Unwanted Habits, Release Phobias, Help with OCD and ADHD... we can help you make changes in your life, easily and naturally!



Neuro Semantics

Self Esteem
enhancing and strengthening your self esteem

Problems with self confidence can affect your life in many different ways: Shyness and introversion; nervousness of social situations and meeting people; a reluctance to voice your own opinions and stand up for yourself for what you feel is right. Poor self esteem may prevent you from excelling, asking for more, building friendships and relationships, improving your prospects at work or other situations.

Low confidence may effect good communication with those people you need to express yourself to. With a lack of self confidence you may find yourself choosing friendships or relationships which are not beneficial for your happiness or well being.

Regardless of how low self esteem affects you, you can receive a boost in you confidence and self belief!

Creating self esteem with new thought patterns

The link between your thought processes, emotions and behaviours are all connected. Each one influences the other creating an energy of activity that drives your level of self confidence. When you lack self confidence, it means your patterns of feelings, thoughts, and behaviours are not working for you in a positive productive way.

To receive a lasting boost in your confidence, past negative influences, conditionings and responses are interrupted, they shift as new more positive perspectives are regarded. As the subconscious and conscious mind considers these new thoughts and finds these new patterns more comfortable and useful, confident feelings grow and become a natural part of who you are and how you function in the world. self esteem

Others notice the difference and YOU feel better

Life becomes easier as you get the results you want. You feel more flexible in your thinking. You feel stronger in your thinking processes and expression.

With a lack of self confidence, the patterns are just the opposite. Your perspectives on life are set up to expect failure or disappointment in your abilities, which of course creates those kinds of results. Once you shift those patterns, breaking out of them and adopting new, more positive patterns, your self confidence starts to grow.

Build your self confidence

After just a few sessions your conscious and your unconscious mind start productive patterns of thought. Your internal dialogue is more positive, your imagination has a more positive outlook creating the strength and flexibility necessary as you live with true self confidence.

You feel uplifted

In Hypnosis you let go of the habits and behaviours that reduce your self confidence, and replace them with the habits and behaviours that increase your self confidence.

It is a comfortable process... you begin to feel better

Over many years the developers of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) studied happy, confident people with high levels of self confidence. The methods developed to help create change with NLP came from modelling those people who live with high self esteem and stay there. The methods of thought, the patterns of positive outlook and self regard were studied and the processes replicated. Through theses techniques that we offer you can enjoy good results for yourself. Within a short time you will notice a wonderful difference in the way you talk to yourself, think about yourself, communicate and behave in every situation.

How long wil change take?

Usually three to four sessions are required.