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Neuro Semantics

Letting go of Chocolate and Sweet Tooth Addictions

Most people enjoy the taste of something sweet. However when this becomes a daily obsession or need, it becomes a problem. Sweet, sugary fatty items such as chocolate are loaded with calories and on investigation you will find that most commercial chocolate has very little of the caco ingredient and is actually very unhealthy for you.

chocolate and sweet tooth addiction Sugar highs and lows set up powerful cravings that negatively effect the body, put weight on and you can feel addicted to chocolate or other sugary items. The desire, craving and thoughts about sweets, deserts, pieces of chocolate, chocolate bars becomes a consuming and overwhelming craving and no matter how much you may try to distract yourself the craving and desire returns for more fat and sugar. For most people, this results in either a gain in weight, an unhealthy skin and diet; or all the above!

The more you feed the addiction the more it thrives. It is a very frustrating cycle...

Why do people become obsessed with chocolate?

The emotional satisfaction from eating chocolate can be very powerful. You may reach for chocolate in times of anxiety, it may be used as an emotional sedative to calm nerves, or 'treat' yourself if you feel pressured, unappreciated, lacking in love or under stress. The buying of chocolate or other sweet things starts the pattern of self-medicating an emotion. While eating it you are either soothed or distracted from the issue resting in your subconscious mind. You may be aware of these driving forces in you conscious mind too. The problem is, realising the 'why' does not usually help us to say 'No' to chocolate or sweets!

Eating to feel better may have started a long time ago...

The pattern of 'feeling better when I eat' can be long-held and for many people this pattern has been observed or learnt in childhood. The association of feeling better if I have something to eat is very powerful. Sometimes food could have been used to 'keep a child quiet', as a reward or even the wonderful and happy satisfaction of eating with loved ones at the table. It is a learned thought pattern that is so deep in your mind it has become an unconscious and automatic response to anything chocolate or sweet.

To break the habit is to break the unconscious thought pattern and replace it with a new one that triggers a new behaviour.

You can release this craving and satisfy yourself emotionally in other more effective ways. You can relax around chocolate and sweet things. You can say NO without feeling deprived, angry or frustrated.

NLP, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Semantics work in combination with each other to re-train your conscious and unconscious mind to release this unhelpful habit pattern around the response and association 'emotions = food'.

Over the years we have helped many, many people leave this unhelpful craving/obsession behind.

It is a relief to be free.

You get your control and choice back

Patterns of thought that were once learnt are 'de-commissioned'. You naturally and easily learn new patterns of thought that are more balanced and helpful. The techniques and processes are fun and interesting and within a very short time you have the freedom to say 'NO' to chocolate with ease. You will also gain the control to stop at one piece!

The same for sweet things - just being able to say 'no thanks', without feeling deprived or regretful, is a great feeling of self control and self trust.

How long will it take to stop my chocolate craving or craving for sweet things?

Chocolate addiction, addiction to lollies, biscuits, cakes etc. is usually resolved in just a few sessions, two or three. In some cases another session may be needed.