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Neuro Semantics

Needle Phobia
overcome your fear of injections

fear of needles While most people do not look forward to injections - for people with a fear of needles it can be a terrifying, paralysing experience which can keep them from getting a medical check up, medical care or immunisation.

The phobia around needles is an intense and unrelenting anxiety or panic of anything to do with injections.

For some people the panic is so strong that they may have physical symptoms such as anxiety attacks, sweating, fainting or collapsing and a fear so strong it prevents them from seeking medical help when they need it...

Many people with this phobia try and 'force' themselves over it, struggling with their rational thoughts and trying many methods to help themselves feel easier about having an injection or blood test. For most people the fear does not lessen with time, it becomes more intense.

Cognitive, rationalising, reasoning with yourself and distractive methods do not work as they do not address the underlying reason for the fear.

It is not necessary to know or remember the triggering event to change this pattern and habit response.

Effective change can be made

You do not have to re-live past painful experiences or recall the 'why's' or 'what if's'. The responses of fear can be shifted within a few sessions, freeing you from this phobia. Other issues around the fear of needles are also addressed and old anxieties and triggers are released, leaving you with a more positive perspective.

Hypnosis, NLP and Neuro Semantics work with the conscious and subconscious mind to correct thought patterns around unnecessary fear and you choose a different, healthier, more balanced response.