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Neuro Semantics

Fear of Dogs: eliminate your dog phobia easily and naturally!

fear of dogs You won't go far before seeing a dog! Not everybody likes or loves dogs but when this becomes a paralysing fear it is not helpful to you or your safety. There are many reasons people fear dogs or have developed dog phobia, including:

Having been bitten or chased by a dog;
Seen a dog fight or aggressive dog;
Loud barking, growling noises;
Being scratched with claws as a dog jumps up;
Erratic behaviour, unpredictable;
Large dogs that might knock you over;
Small nipping dogs;
Dogs that lick your hand or face.

As you always want an awareness for your own safety after releasing your dog phobia you will be mindful and cautious of dogs... without the fear.

Getting Help with NLP and Hypnotherapy and Neuro Semantics

The processes we employ release the triggers of fear around dogs. You gain a new perspective and become much more at ease and relaxed when you see dogs. These techniques work with your conscious mind and your unconscious mind, bringing you the results you want. On average, most people can resolve their dog phobia in just two or three sessions.