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Neuro Semantics

Fear of Speaking in Public

fear of public speaking One of the highest anxieties is a fear of public speaking, and many people experience this fear to some degree ranging from unpleasant, uneasy feelings and self consciousness to a state where they are unable to present, perform or deliver what they want or need to say.

Some people find it completely impossible to speak in front of others, even in small social groups, while others find the discomfort starts in front of a more formal audience. Self conscious thoughts and over-awareness of how others may be thinking or judging you can set your mind into a spin, an anxious cycle - your mind is off the content and delivery of your speech or presentation and into the realm of projecting a negative outcome...

We understand and we CAN help - we have been there!

"Marie and I have both experienced public speaking nervousness and we've overcome it. We were members of Rostrum, a speaking group for many years. We have incorporated many of the most helpful techniques learnt there and entwined them into the Hypnosis method, to help you present at your very best. Regardless of the type of fear you experience, or the severity of it we can help you get rid of public speaking fear for good." -- Ross

Speak naturally, confidently, clearly and deliver at your best

The many experiences of public speaking phobia can range from unpleasant self consciousness and nervousness to an inability to get up in front of people and speak. For some people, even saying few words of gratitude and appreciation at a gathering or party is too much. What they think (and would love to express) goes unsaid. The fear feeds on itself as you become afraid that the anxiety and fear will spill out and ruin your speech.

The fear cycle gets stronger (particularly if there are memories of a problem or event that occurred in the past). This is projected into the future as you do not want to relive the embarrassment.

Reward your employer's trust and investment in your career

In recent times here in Western Australia, people who got promotions quite quickly in their careers found themselves in positions where they needed to present information to peers and colleagues with authority - clearly and confidently. For some, this aroused a fear of failure to present at their best. NLP is used to deal directly with your phobia and how your mind registers it. Neuro Semantics helps you gain an understanding of the fear thought process and Hypnosis helps you release past unpleasant experiences. The past does not equal the future! Fear and anxiety is re-framed to be used as a more productive energy which you can put into your preparation and presentation. Anxiety becomes a level of excitement, positive anticipation and readiness. You get a shift in the way you feel and think about the next time you need to or want to speak in public. Changing the pattern to more productive thoughts allows you to focus on what you are saying. As your body is more at ease you present in a more relaxed or professional manner. Everything goes better. It flows and you enjoy confident clearer feelings. The way you speak, in an even tone, able to express yourself naturally allows other to relax too (a nervous speaker is not easy to listen to or enjoy).

Change the pattern

The methods we use focus on changing the pattern of fear and turning it into a thought pattern that is more supportive and productive. Hypnotherapy is used to deal with your unconscious mind, tapping into deeper resources, allowing you to see or feel yourself actually talking confidently, getting rid of your fear or phobia. Your life will be affected in so many positive ways...

How long will this positive change take?

Usually, within three and four sessions you can free yourself of this fear of public speaking and know the confident speaking you.