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Quit Smoking, Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Increase Confidence and Self Esteem, Lift Depression, Lose Weight, Stop Unwanted Habits, Release Phobias, Help with OCD and ADHD... we can help you make changes in your life, easily and naturally!



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Quit Smoking Permanently
end your addiction to cigarettes

smoking is a habit Perhaps you have given up smoking once or twice, or had a go at it several times.

It does not matter if you have quit before or never given up at any time, we can help you to quit permanently.

Cigarette addiction is actually a habit

Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is proven to have an addictive drug quality. Your body becomes dependent on nicotine, and when it doesn't get enough of it you experience unpleasant symptoms. However it is a habit, a very compelling one once you are 'hooked'. Mentally you mind associates smoking cigarettes with relaxation, socialising, 'my time' and pleasant feelings. Sometimes it can be just the relief of getting a cigarette into your fingers. For some people there is the strong social pull and association if they have somoked with family members, work colleages or friends.

Research shows that hypnotherapy is one of the most effective and successful tools for quitting smoking

NLP works with your conscious mind to shift patterns of behaviour and automatic responses. Hypnosis works creatively and effectively to bring shifts within your unconscious mind enabling you to leave the habit behind. Hypnosis is used to build the feelings and belief that you have quit and quit permanently. In Hypnosis trance your confidence in your ability to remain free from cigarettes for the rest of your life is strenghtened. You feel more confident, more certain and you release the habit in a comfortable way.

Quitting with the proven and combined techniques we offer reduces the reminders and cravings that people suffer with. You feel more relaxed and calm. The good rewarding feelings of satisfaction that you have quit the habit for good, flow through your mind and you feel happier, and more at peace within yourself.

How many sessions are recommended?

With our method you come three times within the week. Each session is approximately one hour. You come one day, three days later and then a week after your first appointment. Each session is different and works on a different level and aspect or attachment you have had to the habit. The sessions have a compounding effect. You feel more confident and your belief in yourself strengthens.

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