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Quit Nail Biting

Why does compulsive nail biting occur?

Nail biting is often a learned/observed habit that you picked up, possibly when you were a child.

Compulsive nail biting is most often a habit that you are unaware of while you are doing it. You see the results, of course, in your damaged nails and embarrassment at the way your hands look, but you lose awareness of when you are actually biting your nails.

It is not enough then to try to get rid of compulsive nail biting by using will power or other "tricks" to stop the habit...

nail biting habit

Some of the symptoms of and signs of compulsive nail biting include:

  • Bitten, chewed unattractive fingernails
  • Sore, red finger tips, cuticles that bleed
  • Infections in the mouth and fingernails
  • Deformed and misshapen nails
  • Dental problems affecting the teeth and gums

Even more damaging than the physical impact of compulsive nail biting is the emotional impact it has on your life. It is common to have strong feelings of remorse or shame about the habit. It is an unconscious behaviour that can affect anyone at any age. Compulsive nail biting is based in an automatic thought pattern that you learned at some point in your life, so if you want to eliminate this problem then you have to eliminate the faulty thought pattern. You have to re-train your mind with a different thought pattern, one that is positive and constructive and make it part of your deep inner resources. Once it becomes an automatic response in your unconscious mind, to allow your nails to grow, then the old behaviour disappears the new, more desirable behaviour takes over. This shift and re-training is done through and with the techniques we offer.

Fortunately, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Semantics can successfully stop compulsive nail biting in its tracks. NLP targets your conscious mind, helping you to change the thought patterns that contribute to your nail biting habit. For your unconscious mind, hypnotherapy techniques target your deep, inner resources and help you get rid of the negative parts that are the underlying cause of compulsive nail biting.

How long will treatment take?

In most cases we can successfully resolve this problem in one or two sessions.

Release this pattern now... and for good ! Look forward to attractive nails and hands.