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Neuro Semantics

Help with Bereavement, Loss and Grief

grief and loss The grief from losing a loved one, friend, work colleague or a pet can be intense and overwhelming, affecting many areas of your life with the feelings of sadness. Sometimes it may feel as though it will never go away or resolve.

With severe grief and feelings of loss you may feel detached, not cope with daily life or your work commitments, have difficulty sleeping, be distracted when driving, and experience stress and anxiety reactions within the mind and body. Sometimes it can feel like you are losing your memory and your self control. Often the people around you suffer as well...

It might not seem this way right now but you can cherish the memories of your loved ones and carry those memories with you in a positive way. You can learn how to honour and remember your loved one that is warm and tender rather than anxious and unhappy.

During your sessions you release the feelings of loss, you learn to appreciate the person or pet for what they brought into your life. Rather than spiralling within grieving feelings you begin to and continue to think more positively, more constructively and over time feel happier and more in control.

It helps put things into perspective. YOU retrieve peace of mind.

While NLP works on a conscious level, hypnotherapy works with your unconscious mind helping you to access the deep, inner resources you need, to enable you to move forward in a much more comfortable way.

How many sessions does it usually take?

'Release on grieving' and the newer perspectives take shape after one session. Generally up to three sessions are required.