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Exam Stress Management
managing exam nerves

exam nerves Many people have experienced nerves and stress related to tests and exams. It just comes with the territory, it seems. Stress, apprehension and exam nerves can have a profound negative effect on test results.

The good news is that NLP, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Semantics can help you overcome this problem.

Stress management techniques DO NOT WORK

It is most likely that you have heard about cognitive stress management techniques. The theory, as it goes, is that by accepting exam stress and learning techniques to manage it, will reduce the stress and help you get through the exam with a reasonably good result. Sounds great... right?

The problem with stress management is simple - it doesn't work. Trying to reduce the stress often leads to more stress, and frustration that you are not able to manage the effects of stress. Exam nerves don't suddenly appear a few days before an exam, but instead can build up throughout the year, or longer, quite gradually and subtly, until the burden becomes overwhelming and you feel completely stressed. It is common to know more than enough to pass the exam with flying colours, however due to stressful feelings you can find a disappointing result or even a 'fail' due to that anxious response. All those hours, days, weeks of application to good study habits and techniques, retention of knowledge and confidence that you know your subject... only to fail the final exam due to nerves.

Transforming your approach to exam nerves

There is a much better approach to stress and exam nerves. NLP techniques help change your perception of negative expectations, leading up to exams. Old, previous memories of stressful responses can be released and a positive forward-looking approach with a relaxed perspective of 'showing what I know' is experienced. The outcome of NLP processes allows you to feel the expectancy of a good result for your efforts. Hypnosis and Neuro Semantics help you focus, to stay 'in the moment' during exams. This way you can access what you need... find you are in a more relaxed state just as when you were researching, enquiring and discovering: a state that leads to accessing the information you need and transferring that in a tangible way during your exam.

Your approach changes, you feel more at ease, a clearer perspective, you can get on with the process of answering what is required then move onto the rest you your day.

What are these 'processes' and 'techniques'?

Memories of previous bad experiences with exams, unhelpful memories can be 'toned down', allowing you a different emotional response when you cast you mind back to them. That is, they do not have the same 'emotional charge', influence, or hold over you that they used to. Unhelpful, stressful, upsetting, embarrassing and painful memories effect the subconscious reactions, so it makes sense to release these. Then there is 'room' for a more optimistic, realistic expectation.

The past does not equal the future, and the past is the past, a memory trace. The techniques are methods of releasing unhelpful thought patterns, experiences and distortions. By releasing these unhelpful mind sets and expectations and memories from the past you release them from your future. You can expect a higher performance from yourself and you want to. Hypnotherapy addresses your unconscious mind, helping to create positive changes and expectations. Your deep inner resources (that have most likely being lying dormant or suppressed due to stress) come to the fore, supporting you. You feel clearer and more optimistic Hypnosis takes you to a level of trance, where effective change happens easily and comfortably, because it is something you want, and can have.

How long will change take?

Everyone is different, generally, most issues to do with exam nerves and stress can be resolved in as little as two to three sessions. This might be surprising, especially if you have had a long history of exam nerves. We have a very direct, effective approach that is enjoyable and enlightening and creates powerful transformation quite quickly.