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Neuro Semantics

overcoming the fear of open spaces...

With the techniques we offer you can free yourself from this frustrating and limiting fear. Whether it is a mild case of discomfort in open spaces or a more severe case of not being able to leave the home - we can help.

Occasionally we hear of people who have died in their home, without neighbours realising this because "they never went out", or "we didn't like to intrude" and/or many other reasons. As sad as that is, people with agoraphobia often desperately try to overcome this fear, but being 'trapped' in their own home often allows them to give up, stop seeking help and become isolated from friends and loved ones.

All too often, family members do not realise that the person is embarrassed to discuss their fear - possibly having been told in the past 'that's silly', or 'just get over it'...

About Agoraphobia

agoraphobia The term agoraphobia is often expanded to include other fears, such as being afraid of crowds, busses, trains, stores, and public places. The person experiences a need to escape the situation quickly, an urgency to get-out and return home or back to a safe place as quickly as possible.

This fear feeds on itself, creating a cycle of fear. A Neuro Semantic line of questioning confronts these thought patterns and frames of mind. The dismantling of the patterns that are not helpful is replaced with your clearer, realistic and confident perspective.

How NLP, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Semantics can help

Our techniques help you overcome all forms of agoraphobia by confronting your thought patterns and behaviours. We listen to you with unconditional positive regard and we never force you into a fearful situation. Instead, you learn to identify those responses, and you disrupt them and the automatic thought patterns that trigger the fear.

The patterns and frames of mind change and YOU change.

How long is the treatment?

Most people can release their agoraphobia completely in as few as two to four sessions. Change is quick, effective and comfortable.