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Neuro Semantics

release and manage anxiety

anxiety Anxiety is an emotion and a reaction that is a normal part of the human experience. However some people don't learn constructive ways of dealing with it. Through no fault of their own, their fears escalate and emerge as anxiety that drives behaviours.

The wonderful fact is that the human brain is capable of incredible things, if it has learned a negative set of behaviours and reactions related to anxiety it can also learn a new set of positive behaviours as well.

Neuro Semantics, NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques are particularly effective, helping you learn a different, comfortable, more approach and response to anxiety.

What is Anxiety?

Stress and anxiety levels elevate to the extent that the person agitated experiences a nervous state of mind. This affects thinking processes, reactions and actions. It also includes thoughts and/or fears about something your mind thinks is going to happen. For some people, anxiety takes the form of extreme panic, a very fearful and intense state of mind related to a danger that may be real or may be imagined. Anxiety can manifest itself in -

Increased heart rate • Can't think clearly • Sweating • Tightness in the throat • Dry mouth • Nervousness
Shaking/trembling • Nausea • Weakness • Stomach pain • Intestinal pain • Diarrhoea

The unpleasant, unhelpful, negative thoughts which accompany these stress levels result in some form of anxious behaviour. It seems as if you see and experience the world from a particular viewpoint, one that is based in fear. Your view of reality becomes distorted. It seems real but you view it from a fear-based mind-body reaction.

Once you change your perspective, however, the entire experience changes as well. With this shift you feel more confident, clear headed and relaxed, knowing that the world around you is not your enemy and that you can deal with anything that arises in a mature, relaxed way. You feel better and in control.

What Sparks your Anxiety?

It can be helpful to be aware of what sparks your anxiety in the first place. Some of these triggers may be people, situations, responsibility, obligations, pressure at work/home. For some people they feel a constant level of anxiety. Regardless of the cause or causes of your anxiety it often leads to depression, low mood, frustration and moodiness, which make life difficult. You don't feel or perform at your best.

With our techniques you discover what triggers the anxious feelings in the first place. The anxious, stressful response was 'learned' at some stage, the good news is that what is leaned can be unlearned. The anxiety pattern as it begins and the frame of mind that takes hold is dismantled, changing the way you respond.

You begin to think more clearly and you feel better.

You respond to those old stresses and tensions differently, more effectively.

Active listening to you, with unconditional, positive regard allows us to identify the triggers and patterns of your anxiety responses.

Neuro Semantics helps create a definite shift in the way you perceive those stresses and anxieties.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) works with your conscious mind, helping you gain more flexibility in the way your brain works. This includes what you think, the way you remember past events, the way you project and anticipate future events, the way you experience and react to events as they occur, the way you regard yourself and the way you talk to yourself.

Hypnosis works with your unconscious mind, helping you access the inner resources, that were always there, perhaps lying dormant. The kind of things that your conscious mind has forgotten about or disregarded due to anxiety and stress. Through hypnosis we lift and build feelings of Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Self Worth and Self Trust. New resources and new perspectives arise from the sub-conscious mind.

We employ skilful techniques which incorporate relaxation, positive suggestions, and metaphors to prompt a new way of thinking. You subconscious mind always wants the best for you. Your subconscious mind is respectfully addressed and works to help you.

How many sessions will I need?

In most cases, you will start to notice at least some positive changes after one session. Most of our clients are able to sort out their anxieties, release the old unhelpful frames of mind, have a more positive response, feel happier and end treatment after two to four sessions.