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Neuro Semantics

Stop Bulimia

bulimia Bulimia is based on the powerful fear of being overweight. A deliberate cognitive response, a choice is made to throw up and purge the body of food that has been consumed. Often times after excessive food intake.

This is generally a 'secret' behaviour.

Certain 'games' are played in the mind, such as : I have eaten this much already, why not have more, or I deserve this treat, I'll finish it and just throw up, it won't matter, I'll just get rid of it... then I'll be back to normal... like it did not happen at all. Other times those with Bulimia start out having a good day and eat a healthy meal, but then decide they would like more, or something sweet and then they purge the lot...

Some of the responses, emotions, thoughts and symptoms of bulimia nervosa include:

  • Buying in large quantities of food, eating it and purging
  • Spending the weekend or certain days in the binging purging cycle
  • Heavy binge eating followed by throwing up then excessive exercise
  • Using laxatives, bran products, fasting, and enemas to try and control weight
  • Excessive exercising
  • Feelings of loss of control
  • Feelings of anger, jealousy, remorse, blame, self hate - destructive feelings
  • Lack of self trust, self belief
  • Feelings that this cannot change... it is just the way I am... I have to do this
  • Low mood, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression
  • Lack of confidence, feeling a failure
  • Dissatisfaction with body type, shape, body dismorphia
  • Repeated cycles of Bulimia... overeating and purging

To dismantle this cycle sufferers need help on several levels:

  • Self confidence and self belief
  • Gaining realistic expectations about what a healthy body is for them
  • Releasing emotional drivers and belief systems that keep the Bulimia in place
  • Acquiring new ways of thinking that will keep you at a healthy weight that is satisfying to you
  • Being able to relax within yourself and shift you mind off food as a response to whatever has been going on at a deeper level

You do not need to know why or how this pattern started

The key to breaking this cycle is to teach sufferers how to change their automatic thought patterns that trigger the destructive bulimic behaviours.

Our techniques and methods help you to learn to know and appreciate yourself. You have been working way too hard if this binge eating has been your pattern! There is an easier and a healthier way to live that you can enjoy. You can release thought patterns that trigger the bulimic response. You gain confidence in yourself. YOU gain control in a natural and relaxed way. You begin to and continue to forget about that old Bulimic pattern. You feel happier.

How long will it take for change to occur?

Generally three to four sessions. Most bulimic sufferers receive a shift within two sessions and are feeling successful and in control within about four sessions.