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Coke and Carbonated Drink Addiction
letting go of coke addiction and other carbonated drinks

There is plenty of factual information to prove now that these drinks are actually very unhealthy for you. Bone density is affected, stress to the working organs of your body and the affect on your skin and general health can be considered...

If you have looked into this or have become aware of the physical symptoms it is possible that you have wanted to stop. However these drinks have an addictive quality and often it can be difficult to just quit. The desire to drink coke becomes a consuming and overwhelming craving and no matter how much you may try to distract yourself the craving or desire returns. The more you feed the addiction the more it thrives.

It is a very frustrating cycle!

Effective help is here

To break this habit is to break the unconscious thought pattern and replace it with a new one that triggers a new behaviour.

You can say NO without feeling deprived, angry or frustrated.

You can begin to enjoy other healthier drinks - even water tastes better!

You feel more relaxed, with a sense of control over what you decide to drink and you feel much healthier.

How long will it take to stop my coke or carbonated drink addiction?

This habit is usually released in just a few sessions.