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Psych K

How can Psych K help with change, positive thinking, personal growth, success and happiness?

By first accepting that we alone are responsible for our lives. That we create everything we feel and ultimately experience by what we have in our mind, how we have been socially constructed and influenced by our parents, events in our lives, by the environment and the way that we are thinking at any time.

Our results in life are a product of what we do - which is a result of what we think - which is ultimately a reflection of who we are. In order to change the results we are getting in life we must change what we do by changing our thinking and exploring who we are and transform ourselves into better people, giving us a better life.

"Things don't change, we change" -- Thoreaux

Psych K can help you get clear on your purpose. The physical results you get or do not get is a subconscious and conscious one. By using Psych K muscle testing response the therapist can help you assess whether your goals are congruent with how you really think and feel. Blocks can be revealed which are sabotaging you. Maybe you have experienced a lack of motivation or commitment in achieving what you want. When blocks are released and your subconscious and conscious mind is in alignment wonderful and profound outcomes are achieved. It is very satisfying and rewarding.

As an example, I had a client come who was a conscientious worker, had a good job with reasonable income and had also invested in a small profitable part-time business online. However, after five years he had nothing to show for it. He still drove the same car and at this stage had expected to have bought his first home. He had less than $2,000 in the bank.

Psych K muscle testing revealed his lack of belief that he could never really be prosperous. Negative programming from his younger years about: 'losing what you get', 'not having more than his parents or siblings' and 'by earning more, the tax man takes more' all worked to sabotage him on a deeper level. He was surprised at how much negativity he had around wealth. In fact it was hard for him to say in a convincing way "I want to be wealthy". This lack of abundance flowed into other areas of his life - affecting his relationships... one minute he was overflowing with generosity, the next desperate and stingy.

Releasing on these negative beliefs freed him to think and act more creatively and productively. He became more organised and business-like in his dealings. He took an interest in exactly what his money was doing and where it was going. This year, he has signed up for a house land package deal which he can proudly afford.

Psych K gives you the tools to continue on your own, with a self hypnosis style technique. This is particularly useful for any goal you want to achieve, be it mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

If your conscious and subconscious mind are not 'on the same page' you are going to attract the same results you are experiencing over and over. By aligning your mind, Psych K can help you activate the Law of Attraction, bringing what you want into your life. You have your own personal key to abundant living. As your mind is congruent you feel more at ease, more at peace with the world and all aspects of your life. You become a positive enthusiastic creator rather than a victim of circumstance and social conditioning. Health, prosperity, abundance, relationships, career, feelings of wellbeing and spiritual connection flourish. You enjoy positive creative growth, the way nature intended.