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Neuro Semantics

Anger Management and Self Control

anger Rather than 'managing' anger and teaching cognitive techniques to help keep angry feelings under control the methods used in Neuro Semantics, NLP and Hypnosis work to release anger and angry feelings. Pent up emotions, anger about people, situations or self can be let go of. The emotion of anger is triggered when a value we hold dear or important is violated, disregarded, abused or attacked.

Trying to control anger and Anger Management techniques keeps the mind focused ON the issues that created the feelings of anger, the thinking mind stays active about what is unfair, unjust etc., and the emotions spiral and compound...

Learn a new way to think and feel about upsets so that they do not have that emotional pull on you. The emotion of Anger can cause you to act or react in ways that are not helpful to yourself or those around you.

You can get a better, more productive response within yourself with the release of angry emotions and a more confident way to deal with life's upsets.

Feelings of anger can be justified, and are perfectly normal. However, it is how we react with a highly charged emotion of Anger that indicates whether we are in control of ourselves or not.

Anger is not particularly useful; in fact it can act out in harmful and damaging ways, to ourselves, others, relationships and within our environment.

For some people Anger responses can become a 'normal' way of reacting to anything that displeases or upsets. This reaction becomes a pattern in the body. Maybe you have heard expressions like 'she is a very angry person'... or 'anything sets him off'. Sometimes a person becomes known as 'angry' and the way people behave around them and the communication with the person is tempered, or the person is to be avoided.

When anger takes over to this extent it distorts relationships and the angry person is not at peace with themselves, their relationship within themselves is unsettled. Health consequences such as high blood pressure and other stress reactions within the body can result. Some of the reactions of problem anger include:

anger management and self control • Anxiety
• Rapid heart beat, and rapid breathing
• High blood pressure
• Headaches
• Muscle tension, twitches, general restlessness
• Feeling irritable and bad-tempered, sour, depressed or low mood
• Difficulty sleeping
• Difficulty dealing with criticism
• Withdrawing from people and activities
• Confusion, lack of good judgement, poor memory, poor concentration
• Difficulty with people and communication

Change your Anger Response Now

It does not matter how long ago the anger started or why, you can release it and learn and enjoy a positive response to things that upset you.

Feel in control of your emotions, Calm, Mature, Reasonable and In Control

YOU feel better, others notice the difference.

NLP, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Semantics Help with Anger Problems by changing the patterns of response that you developed. The conscious and unconscious mind is accessed and you acquire a new perspective, which allows you to respond in much more positive ways.

How long will change take?

Within three sessions there is a dramatic difference in your responses.