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Neuro Semantics

Binge Drinking
stop binge drinking problems

a man binge drinking Drinking to excess and binge drinking is a bigger problem than many people are aware of today. From student parties to the secret withdrawal into a world of alcoholism, there are many ways binge drinking can damage your life and your health.

Today advertisers hold up alcohol as an important part of life. They try hard to convince you that using the right kind of alcohol or brand of cigarettes will appeal to your peer group or a future partner and that it can relieve stress.

All of this spin is deceiving though, and has created a situation where our ability to think clearly about a sensible manner in which to consume alcohol becomes confused...

binge drinking People in general don't set out to engage in binge drinking. They intend to have just a social drink, or just a couple of drinks to relax.

However they often lose control and end up drinking far too much. The next day, feeling sick, perhaps guilty and remorseful and embarrassed by what they may have said or done, causes them to vow not to do that again. If this is you, the habitual thought pattern that causes you to make the vow "not to do that again" is the same psychological strategy that causes you to binge drink.

If you are drinking heavily in a very short time and it leads to physical and social problems and if you have the belief that you can't have fun without being drunk, especially while in company, then your are a binge drinker.

If you want to effectively stop binge drinking for good we need to identify this emotionalised strategy and replace it with a new set of patterns that are constructive rather than negative and destructive.

NLP, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Semantics are very effective techniques for identifying and changing the strategic patterns that lead to destructive automatic responses and behaviours. They work with your unconscious mind and your conscious mind to generate useful understandings that change the unwanted behaviour for good.

Gain control and make better choices for yourself.

How long does change take?

On average our clients can change the way they think about alcohol and eliminate binge drinking in two to four sessions. We have been told the experience leads to a strong sense of freedom and peace of mind.