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Help with Insomnia


Is deep restful sleep missing from your life? It could be getting off to sleep, waking during your sleep time and not being able to return to sleep, or it could be waking way too early...

We work to release the habit pattern of wakefulness or restless sleep and to reduce your anxiety about your insomnia. Hypnosis therapy releases tension, stress and matters that may circulate through your mind, concsiously or subconsciously, keeping you from sleep. Matters that you go over and over, while you lie there trying to drift off, can be dealt with much more effectively and efficiently after a good sleep. In fact, many of the things you may have been thinking about do not seem half as difficult when you awaken after restful sleep. You feel more clear headed - everything goes better!

Whether this pattern has been with you for a long time or whether it has developed recently, the techniques we offer can get you sleeping deeply and well.

Natural, positive health benefits allow you to awaken feeling refreshed and alert - after a good, satisfying sleep.

When you are just lying there... trying... trying to sleep, maybe using certain techniques or methods, it can be very frustrating: perhaps counting the hours you haven't slept or thinking that in only a few hours you will have to get up, unrested. Insomnia can seem like an insurmountable problem that will stay with you for the rest of your life. And for some people, this ends up being the case.

Looking at the clock at times and knowing full well that the alarm will go off before you are adequately rested adds to the feelings of tiredness and exhaustion.

Your body needs and wants the rest.

Changing the way your mind thinks about sleep and resting and shifting previous patterns and habits around not sleeping allows you to enjoy the rewards of deep, healthy restful sleep.

How long will it take before I am sleeping better?

On average, two to three sessions.