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Neuro Semantics

Overcome and Release Fear of Driving

fear of driving Whether it is freeway driving, driving locally or driving at all... release this fear of driving. Fear of driving is more common than you may think!

Sometimes it starts after an accident when you were driving - or 'almost an accident'. Sometimes it starts after being a passenger in a car during an accident or a 'near miss', having a fright or concern as a pedestrian, or for some unknown reason... all the same, it is a fear that can often develop into a phobia.

When it stops you from driving when you are totally capable of doing so, and enjoying your life, it is time do something about it...

Some of the fears people have come to us with include:

  • Fear of being in your own car, someone else's care or fear of being in a car with an inexperienced or learner driver
  • Fear of unfamiliar roads, unclear road markings, or road works
  • Fear of driving at night
  • The fear of other drivers, trusting others to stay on their side of the road
  • The fear of having an accident
  • The fear of having a panic attack whilst driving the car
  • The fear of driving in storms or heat
  • The fear of your car failing you, mechanically/technically
  • The fear of breaking down on a freeway, using one of those phones
  • The fear driving on narrow roads, or winding roads

All of these fears and anxieties are based on automatic responses and behaviours that create the urgent sense of panic or terror. Your imagination gets going, sometimes re-living a past experience or inventing a possible scenario.

A thought pattern you have creates a sense of fear. Instead of it diminishing over time, the fear usually grows and becomes more of an inconvenience, embarrassment and it stops you from being independent and driving as you wish to. It seems a reasonable fear as accidents do occur, however your fear of driving becomes an uncontrollable fear which can paralyse you and stop you from driving at all.

The good news is that the mind can be directed onto more positive outcomes. What was learnt and 'rehearsed' can be unlearnt.

Using NLP and Hypnotherapy and Neuro Semantics, we help you break the cycle of automatic fearsome responses that have taken hold.

How long will change take?

Depending on your individual responses and how long you have been in the grip of these fears, usually 3 to 4 sessions sees you completely free and driving with confidence.