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Panic Attacks
how to stop panic and anxiety attacks

panic attacks Panic attacks / anxiety attacks can be extremely frightening, even paralysing in some cases. The effects are very real, creating all kinds of distressing and uneasy feelings and symptoms in the body. They can quickly become a vicious circle of activity, a habit or pattern as a way of responding to stress. Your mind feels anxious so your body reacts, when your body reacts your mind interprets it as panic, and so your mind and body react... firing off each other... the cycle of panic escalates and your body reacts even more. Shift this pattern of panic.

Why do panic attacks occur?

Most panic attacks occur with a very defined structure or pattern: in reaction to certain situations, places, people circumstances. There are many varied different response reactions that are different for each person. The common thread is how the panic attack begins and cycles upon itself over and over again.

The panic attack response explained:

Once the panic has been experienced a thought or a memory of it seems to confirm that it is real and tangible. As the experience is so unpleasant the body remembers it, does not want a repeat of that response. However the memory of that reaction or the imagining of another event that has not yet occurred helps to cement this response. Imagination can run wild and you may think you have no control. Clients have said, 'it just hits me', 'it seems to come from nowhere'. The inner voice starts talking in a negative and fearful way so your body starts having some of the typical physical symptoms and it refreshes the reactions and memory of panic response. You lose confidence in your ability to control yourself with the onset of the stressful reactions. When a full blown panic attack occurs it feels very real and can be very scary. It is all psychological... nothing is attacking you. No one has died from a panic attack.

Many people only experience a single panic attack, or only have panic attacks every once in a while, while others have compounding attacks and frequent attacks. Regardless of how often they occur the sense of dread and anxiety prevail. It is most likely that you might not even remember the original source of anxiety or emotional stress. Panic Disorder refers to frequent and severe panic attacks where a person can be 'frozen' with fear. They may find themselves in a dangerous situation or may put themselves at risk. The symptoms are the same as for panic attacks, generally the reactions escalate more rapidly. Symptoms may be more extreme.

Sometimes the person may think they are having a heart attack when first experiencing a panic disorder attack. It is extremely important to see your doctor right away to be checked for actual heart problems or an underlying medical cause. If no medical problems are found then stress is the usual diagnosis.

Get back your sense of control, self trust and confidence.

The combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Semantics work together to help with the panic reactions. To get an effective shift both the subconscious and conscious mind become active in the process. The very parts of the mind that made the pattern can change the pattern. Hypnosis focuses on the deep unconscious part of your mind. During Hypnosis suggestions, metaphors and direct instructions help reinforce the NLP shifts. You gain a new perspective. Your new and better thought patterns and reactions are much more positive. You feel in control again. It is a good feeling.

How long does change take?

Our direct approach, working with both the unconscious and conscious mind means three to four sessions. Everyone is different and you may need another session depending on the severity of your condition. Whether these panic reactions are new to you or you have been suffering for years, we can help you.