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stop jealous feelings once and for all


Jealousy is a very powerful emotion. It can destroy relationships and eat away at your self confidence and self trust. A cycle of anger, anxiety and guilt often surround jealous feelings. You may try to rationalise and justify jealous feelings and there may seem no reason for the jealous feelings. It is a very destructive, negative thought pattern and emotional response...

The thoughts that started the jealousy may come from feelings of insecurity, past experiences or lack of self esteem and self confidence.

About jealousy

When feeling jealous, it often leads to saying things or doing things you end up regretting later on. This happens because jealous behaviours are based in automatic responses to thought patterns you developed in response to certain situations or observations at some time in your life. These patterns lie in the subconscious mind. You know they are there because you re-act, with jealousy. It doesn't come from nowhere.

Your mind can be filled with all sorts of scenarios, what if's, and mind clutter. When your imagination and fears get out of control and you project them onto someone else, you have the jealous response. The thoughts repeat in a cycle of jealousy, anger, frustration, remorse, and guilt. Jealous behaviour is damaging to your self confidence, your relationships, and sometimes your work. The person who is subject to your jealous feelings suffers also and may be frustrated with you, confused, angry and feeling insecure about your sincerity or commitment.

We do not need to dig and find out why. It is a pattern that was learned and can be unlearnt.

The helpful techniques we offer release past responses and triggers. We work to build your self confidence and your self trust. This creates the shift you need.

Release jealousy

Most of our clients achieve the results they want in as few as three to four sessions.