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Neuro Semantics

Binge Eating and Excessive Eating
release this habit pattern

Binge eating is much more than the occasional 'need' to eat unnecessarily. Binge Eaters and regular Excessive Eaters feel compelled to overeat in a way that is out of control. Afterwards the feelings of remorse, regret, guilt and disgust sit with the person.

It is a very negative situation where their self esteem takes a psychological beating.

The person may also feel physically sick and be damaging their teeth if they vomit as the stomach acids corrode the enamel on the teeth. The cycle starts again as food and the eating process helps the person feel better while they eat, then afterwards there is more bad feelings and more food. The cycle continues and the person in this situation feels out of control...

You are very much IN control...

We show you how much control you do have as the pattern-habit is exposed for what it is. We help you to understand your own mind and why you haven't been able to quit this behaviour. The pattern can be turned around and you create the healthy and natural state of being in control and relaxed around food. Shifts are created that release the pattern or habit that developed on a subconscious level. You gain a fresh perspective and respond by caring for yourself in a positive healthy way.

The thought processes that drive you to eat compulsively and begin to binge eat becomes a cycle that happens over and over again.

When you eat large quantities of food your blood sugar soars and then it crashes once your body releases insulin. You then experience false hunger. Then you want more food and more food. You most likely do not understand this response. You just feel out of control, like you have no willpower.

Call us for a release from this cycle.

Binge eaters and excessive eaters often experience some or all of the following responses and emotions:

  1. Uncontrollable feelings of need to eat
  2. Changing blood sugar levels cause you to enter the binge eating cycle
  3. Feeling out of control, no willpower
  4. After eating feelings of remorse, guilt, ashamed, hopelessness
  5. Weight gain
  6. Erratic blood sugar changes cause headaches and cravings
  7. Stomach ache and sick feelings
  8. Anxiety, depression, low mood, feeling distracted
  9. Feelings that you have a terrible secret
  10. Nervousness
  11. Lack of trust in self

With our therapies and techniques the emotional responses and thought patterns that automatically trigger the binge eating and excessive eating can be shifted in a healthy way. Neuro Senantics helps you to understand the processes and drivers that were running this program while Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis help you shift that old pattern for good and work to increase your self trust. Help is positive and natural. You get a boost to your self confidence and you are in control again. It is a good feeling.

How long will change take?

Most people are treated successfully with three, sometimes four, sessions.