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Neuro Semantics

Bird Phobia: Fear of Birds
overcome your fear of birds

fear of birds When you have a fear of birds it may prevent you from life outdoors, such as walking/running, socialising, going on holiday, or even relaxing outside. Some people are so afraid that they live with their curtains drawn, afraid of even seeing a bird, sometimes fearing a bird may come up to the window or fly into the window.

Some are afraid of bird noises, chirping, whistling or sounds of ruffling feathers. The flapping of wings, the hopping up and down, the flocks that come into yard trees or bushes, the swooping through the air...

all of these things are terrifying to someone with a bird phobia.

NLP, Neuro Semantics and Hypnosis work effectively to create natural, powerful, rapid, healthy change

It does not matter where or how long ago the bird phobia began, it triggered a thought pattern and an unconscious automatic response that at some point was learned by the brain. These thought patterns can be disrupted and a more healthy perspective can be enjoyed using the techniques we offer. Both parts of your mind, conscious and unconscious, are accessed and a positive re-wiring occurs, allowing you to by-pass the fear-phobia response.

How long will treatment take?

In most cases, bird phobia can be treated in just two or three sessions. You can enjoy the outdoors again ! You can be curiously looking at the birds - perhaps wondering why you ever developed such a phobia!