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Quit Smoking, Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Increase Confidence and Self Esteem, Lift Depression, Lose Weight, Stop Unwanted Habits, Release Phobias, Help with OCD and ADHD... we can help you make changes in your life, easily and naturally!



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Weight Loss and Weight Management
the never ending cycle of frustration...

Cycles of gaining weight and taking it off, years of being overweight or recent weight gain can be frustrating and unhealthy. For many people it is hard to know what to do to keep the weight off... lack of control around food, overeating, too big a portion size, cravings, in between meal eating, food addictions - all can be helped with the techniques we offer. Stop the yo-yo cycles of gaining weight and taking it off, sometimes finding yourself even heavier than before!

Diets do not work because you focus on food. You may often feel deprived and sometimes resentful - diets do not change your underlying thoughts about food, your reactions and associations to food or your thought patterns about food and what eating means to you...

The focus here is not about a carrot or lettuce leaf, it is about being relaxed around food, trusting yourself and feeling in control with food, eating at your normal meal times and having a healthy body.

Our methods are not about a quick fix in order to lose a few kilos or more. We offer to give you a shift in your attitude towards yourself and food.

How we can help

Our techniques help you lose weight and control your weight by changing how you think and behave around food. Unhelpful patterns of thought that lead to eating too much or the wrong things are shifted for a more healthy, positive perspective prompting better choices. You feel in control, you feel healthier.

You shift your mind from constant thoughts around food, mind-games and promises to yourself to other more creative things. Food is for fuel and nourishment. You appreciate food more, eating like a gormet, mindfully. Unhelpful, fattening foods and too much food, too big a portion is let go of. You get your control back and you get a healthy you.

How long will healthy change take?

For most people, within three sessions they are on track. Longstanding issues around food may see a client coming a few more times. It is a positive process where you gain control and confidence, and you feel so much better!