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Neuro Semantics

Stop Fear of Flying Phobia: overcoming fear of flying

fear of flying Fear of being on an aeroplane is common. Many people have a slight awareness of this as a natural protective response.

However, when this fear gets out of control and stops you boarding an aeroplane, cancelling holidays, avoiding trips and forcing yourself onto a plane with the help of medications because you need to travel or work, then this fear begins to control your responses...

We can and will help you release this fear of flying within a very short time.

About anxiety and fear of flying

Whether it is your first time in a plane or you have flown before, you may have experienced some of these kinds of thoughts and responses:

  • I wish I didn't have to go, how can I get out of this?
  • Looking at train or bus alternatives
  • Fear that the plane will crash
  • Cannot see what is going on in the cockpit, cannot control things myself
  • I feel trapped, I can't get out
  • Too close to other people
  • Fear of engine noise, rumbling and turbulence
  • Afraid of being sick, making a spectacle of myself, will want to get off
  • I just want it to be over

Perhaps you have different thoughts and experiences.

Maybe you have tried Cognitive Behaviour techniques, breathing with imagery, rousing and trying to force yourself to overcome the problem, or maybe you have found helpful ways to alleviate your stress to a degree. However, if you are still experiencing dread and fear of flying we have methods to help you overcome this fear for good.

NLP, Hypnosis and Neuro Semantics helps you learn how to consciously and deliberately change your thought patterns around flying. Within a short time you perceive flying as a positive experience.

How long will it take to feel more positive?

Get rid of your flying phobia within a short period of time... in as few as two, three or four sessions.